Junky food = Junky mood

Today was a rest day.  I didn’t necessarily plan it to be a rest day but I figured since I lifted weights yesterday, I’d need a day of recovery.  Tomorrow I plan to run again to get back on the training track.

I turned today from a day of rest to a day of eating…junk.  I started the day with the intentions of drinking a lot of water and eating how I want to feel.  But after one trip to McDonald’s (double cheeseburger, fries, apple dippers, chocolate milk) and another to Jersey Mike’s (mini club sub…and I ate the whole thing), I figured a trip to Dairy Queen for a mini Nutter Butter Blizzard was a good idea.  But after thinking about all the junk I ate today, I feel sad and sluggish.  I don’t think its an issue of quantity eaten, but an issue of quality eaten.  I ate junk, I feel like junk.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I plan to get back on track and start running and yoga again.


2 thoughts on “Junky food = Junky mood

  1. why get so elaborate with the junk food? I find a catsup and mayo sandwich always does the trick and since I don’t have mayo in my refrigerator, I substitute yogurt. That’s why I like to open other people’s refrigerators and see if they have mayo. Then I know it would be possible to make THE sandwich-even a small combo on a saltine is good. Some people use miracle whip, WHY. They usually are people who were born in the mid-
    West or had parents born in the mid-West. On the East coast folks were raised with Cains and Hellman’s mayonnaise. Cluck, cluck, it has the whole egg.

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