Its the final (Yoga) Meltdown…

Today on my modified half marathon training schedule, I was scheduled to do some sort of cross training. I chose Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown (not to be confused with the Stock Market’s meltdown) this morning because I knew I would get a good stretch and tone my muscles in a short 30 minutes.  My Mom gave me a yoga mat for by birthday from Lululemon that I was dying to try out this morning (maybe that was my motivation to get up at 6am today?).  I think its amazing that in less than half an hour I can get so sweaty during yoga that I usually slip around the mat.  With my new yoga mat, I stayed completely in place.  There were no concerns of slipping and snapping my neck in sweat.  My only concern was that the squeaking on the tire-like mat would be too distracting during a public class.  But I don’t really care that much and I love it!  After a few hours my shoulders and abdominal muscles have that satisfying soreness to them that really make me feel like I’m getting a good work out.


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