Pink flamingos are so hot right now

The family came over today to celebrate my 28th birthday. We had grilled chicken wraps and corn salad with tomatoes and basil along with mango black bean salsa. My favorite part was the pink flamingo birthday cake my mom made me. It really was a perfect birthday. Thanks for a wonderful day!

one of my favorite birthday cakes


a 3 mile run

My intentions were to get up early, eat something light and let it digest before my run.  I got up a little later than expected (6:30am) and got ready to go on my first long run.  It was starting to get hotter out so I contemplated just running on an empty stomach.  But then I remembered, training my stomach for the half marathon is just as important as training my legs.  If my only goal for this race is to not poop my pants, I need to start early in the training program to adjust to eating before a run.

I finished 3 miles and came back home exhausted from the heat.

Goofy Runner and Goofy Puppy

I made a smoothie after the run (Odwalla mango juice, Chobani Champions, strawberries and added a scoop of protein).  I felt full all day to the point I never got hungry.  I don’t like not feeling hungry because then I just eat anyways because the clock tells me too. Sunday is a rest day (and my birthday) since I’m adjusting my long runs to Saturdays.


(Pizza) Planet Fitness

After work, I wanted to get some cross-training in so I went to the gym.  Before I left the house I did a little research on Muscle and Strength website and found a workout under the “women’s workouts” section.  I picked the 12 week beginner’s training routine and wrote down the notes on reps on a little index card.  I ate two dates and countless pretzels for energy.  I finally made it to the gym and the first thing I see is people gathered around a table full of pizza.  It smelled soooo gooood.  I forgot the first Monday of every month is pizza night at the gym.

I took my little index card and made it to the free weights and machines section.  The one filled with all the giant guys that know what they’re doing.  I actually did:

15 reps leg press (90 pounds)

15 reps lat pull down (40 pounds)

15 reps ab curls

15 reps barbell curls (25 pounds)

15 reps dumbell shrugs (15 pounds)

Then after that, I did some random machines in the Express room and then about 45 variations of crunches.  When I got home, I waited around for James to come home (I ordered pizza online at Mama MiMi’s) and then James, Penny and I went for a 20 minute run in the rain.


Third time is the charm.

I went running on Saturday on whim.  No music.  No water bottle.  Just me and strange desire to run.  The next day I signed up for the half marathon.  What was I thinking?

Last year, I ran 2 half marathons.  Both were in Columbus.  The first was the Spirit of Columbus Half…in August.  I finished at 2:36 and I almost passed out at the finish line (and in the shower).  I trained since April or May but not religiously to the schedule so I think that was a big downfall.  The second was the Nationwide Insurance Columbus Half Marathon in October.  I finished at 2:26.  That was better, if only for the cooler weather.  I knocked 10 minutes off my first time.  Now I find myself training again.  This time by myself as my sister-in-law thinks I’m crazy.  This time I swear I’m going to follow the training plan.  I’m using the Fitness Magazine 8 week training guide so I am a few weeks ahead of schedule.  When I went running on Saturday, I mapped my run after I got home and found out that I only completed a mile and a half.  This is going to be a long training but my only goal is to finish….and not poop my pants.

I sweat out enough salt for a batch of soft pretzels.