Top 5 Running Songs

These are some of my favorite songs to run to:

Best Warm Up:  Britney Spears- My Perogative

Best Tempo Run: Robert Randolph & The Family Band- Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That

Best for Uphill: Beyonce- Run the World

Best Cross the Finish Line: DJ Khaled ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dog, Rick Ross- All I do is Win

Best Cool Down: Pearl Jam- Just Breathe

Long Run: 5 miles

Today’s run felt like I was in slow motion.  It was like the dream I have where I’m being chased by bad guys running at normal pace and I run away like I have cemented shoes.

I may have gotten off to a late start and I don’t think I’ve been hydrating myself enough during the week. I ate a banana with a forkful of almond butter.  Bananas eaten with a fork taste more like a meal.  Another issue was that I felt really thirsty and I didn’t take my water bottle with me because I was carrying my giant iPod Touch (the iPod shuffle wasn’t charged).  I stayed dehydrated for the sake of vanity.

I walked a few times for about 30 seconds each time.  I don’t know why but I always feel like I’m cheating myself out of a successful workout.  I didn’t charge my Garmin and I left the house with only 25% battery life.  It died at mile 4 but I know I ran an extra mile because I’ve gone that route before.

never fully charged Garmin

I was planning on having my second breakfast but 10:00 seems too late since lunch is only about 2 hours away.  Now I’m sipping on some iced coffee with a scoop of vanilla whey protein.  I wouldn’t exactly call it delicious.

Running with Puppies

Last night may have very well been a rest day.  I didn’t get home from work until about 6:30 and James said he ate too much to go running.  I grabbed a few pretzels and sat on the couch for awhile and watched tv.  I don’t know what came over me but about 30 minutes later I figured I’ll just go for a run by myself, maybe I’ll take Penny.

We only went about 2 miles total.  I know she’s only 4 1/2 months old but she really likes to jog.  One of the best tips about running with a dog is to make sure they do their business before you really get running.  James said Penny already went in the backyard when he got home so I figured she wouldn’t need to go again.  She peed during our warm up and then we picked up the pace. About 4 blocks into the run, Penny did exactly what I was afraid would happen.  Of course I picked it up (I don’t want to be that neighbor) but I had to hold onto it for about 10 minutes until I found a trash can.  It was a really awkward addition to our little running club.  One mile into our run, Penny started to slow down.  I wasn’t going to force her into doing something she didn’t want to do so we took it easy going up a big hill and Penny took a lot of rest breaks.


Oh Marmaduke.

So two miles done, easy pace.  I can’t wait for Penny to get a little bit older, then we can go on longer runs.  The quarter marathon is in a little over 3 weeks.  I hope we’re ready!


a 3 mile run

My intentions were to get up early, eat something light and let it digest before my run.  I got up a little later than expected (6:30am) and got ready to go on my first long run.  It was starting to get hotter out so I contemplated just running on an empty stomach.  But then I remembered, training my stomach for the half marathon is just as important as training my legs.  If my only goal for this race is to not poop my pants, I need to start early in the training program to adjust to eating before a run.

I finished 3 miles and came back home exhausted from the heat.

Goofy Runner and Goofy Puppy

I made a smoothie after the run (Odwalla mango juice, Chobani Champions, strawberries and added a scoop of protein).  I felt full all day to the point I never got hungry.  I don’t like not feeling hungry because then I just eat anyways because the clock tells me too. Sunday is a rest day (and my birthday) since I’m adjusting my long runs to Saturdays.


Goofy Puppy Runner

Penny woke me up at 6am this morning when she was barking at squirrels out of the living room window.  I took her out to do her business and then I took her for a short run around the neighborhood.  It was beginning to rain but it was only a little sprinkle; it felt like nature’s air conditioning.  It was still dark out and we stayed on streets with big trees to keep us dry.  I’m so surprised at how well behaved Penny was during the run.  She stayed at my pace and we still stopped at each corner to sit.  The only time we almost had a bad incident was when she found a bunny sprinting across a yard and Penny thought she should chase her.  I nearly broke my neck!

When it started pouring rain we ran a little faster until we got to the hill.  Penny was so good the whole time but I think she has a bit of a competitive streak.  Penny thought this was a real race and was weaving in front of her competition (me) to throw them off the trail.

We totaled 2 miles but I don’t know how long it took since I didn’t have my watch.  I ate a raisin bread toast, a Chobani Champions greek yogurt and a banana with almond butter.  I’m trying to increase my protein intake during training.

This morning I signed up for The Emerald City Quarter Marathon on September 4th.  James said he would sign up.  I hope he does because I don’t think my furry running partner is eligible for competition yet.

(Pizza) Planet Fitness

After work, I wanted to get some cross-training in so I went to the gym.  Before I left the house I did a little research on Muscle and Strength website and found a workout under the “women’s workouts” section.  I picked the 12 week beginner’s training routine and wrote down the notes on reps on a little index card.  I ate two dates and countless pretzels for energy.  I finally made it to the gym and the first thing I see is people gathered around a table full of pizza.  It smelled soooo gooood.  I forgot the first Monday of every month is pizza night at the gym.

I took my little index card and made it to the free weights and machines section.  The one filled with all the giant guys that know what they’re doing.  I actually did:

15 reps leg press (90 pounds)

15 reps lat pull down (40 pounds)

15 reps ab curls

15 reps barbell curls (25 pounds)

15 reps dumbell shrugs (15 pounds)

Then after that, I did some random machines in the Express room and then about 45 variations of crunches.  When I got home, I waited around for James to come home (I ordered pizza online at Mama MiMi’s) and then James, Penny and I went for a 20 minute run in the rain.


Third time is the charm.

I went running on Saturday on whim.  No music.  No water bottle.  Just me and strange desire to run.  The next day I signed up for the half marathon.  What was I thinking?

Last year, I ran 2 half marathons.  Both were in Columbus.  The first was the Spirit of Columbus Half…in August.  I finished at 2:36 and I almost passed out at the finish line (and in the shower).  I trained since April or May but not religiously to the schedule so I think that was a big downfall.  The second was the Nationwide Insurance Columbus Half Marathon in October.  I finished at 2:26.  That was better, if only for the cooler weather.  I knocked 10 minutes off my first time.  Now I find myself training again.  This time by myself as my sister-in-law thinks I’m crazy.  This time I swear I’m going to follow the training plan.  I’m using the Fitness Magazine 8 week training guide so I am a few weeks ahead of schedule.  When I went running on Saturday, I mapped my run after I got home and found out that I only completed a mile and a half.  This is going to be a long training but my only goal is to finish….and not poop my pants.

I sweat out enough salt for a batch of soft pretzels.